Saturday, August 9, 2003

Small change of plans for the Germany to UK trip

Greetings folks!

A sudden change in plans for my bike trip to England:

I have to move my schedule ahead by a day or two for several reasons:

Two days ago, I had to use about 80 Euro on bike repairs (read: new gear shifter, new tire, new tube, new cable, wheel aligned) that we not planned for. I also spent about 50 Euro on cake, ice cream, chips, and drinks for the 8 people who said they would come (out the 15 I invited), but only two showed up! So now I must either throw it all away, or figure out how to take 3 pints of icecream with me! :(

So, since my 300 Euro budget has been cut in half, going by ferry from Cuxhaven (only about 120km from home - a 6-7 hour ride normally) is now too expensive - a one way trip with bike is almost 60 Euros, and that ferry only travels every two days.

My new ferry departure point has been moved to Hook-of-Holland, just a bit northwest of Rotterdam, Netherlands. True, this makes the first part of the trip over twice as long (I now have a 380km ride to the ferry), but the ferry-cost itself is now half the price, and there is a trip every 3-4 hours.

So leaving tonight (Saturday evening), or early Sunday morning, will still allow me to get to the campsite by Thursday morning as previously planned.

before loading the bike in the apartment

If you need to reach me, you can email me directly at - this account gets checked about once an hour, and is routed directly to my phone.

If you need to speak to me or send an SMS/MMS message and you are in Germany, try calling 0173 546 0723. If you are in Germany and I am not, *or* the previous number does not work, try 0049 173 546 0723. If you are outside Germany, try the previous "0049..." number, or for those phones that support it (like most mobile/cell phones), try: +49 173 546 0723 - that should work too.

Or just email me - it may be easier! =)

In addition to changing my schedule - I am also adjusting my carrying load, mainly no laptop this time, especially since I can still be reached many ways through the new phone, and it has a little camera built in for taking pictures. I will replace that weight with more food and drink of course.

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