Thursday, May 17, 2007

...and we're back!

Ok, roughly one year is probably long enough between blog posts. :p

After about 3,800km behind me on the Anthrotech trike, I've become even more convinced that this is the type of vehicle for me for the 'long term'. No point in getting a car, as a recent move to Denmark has me enjoying an even better cycle infrastructure than Germany has!

Modification plans have changed as well. I will be working this summer on a modification to a Leitra velomobile fairing so that it will fit the Anthrotech, thanks to the aid and assistance of the creator of the Leitra - C.J. Rassmussen. (

Training will also begin for longer trips. First one is a cross-country trek from Copenhagen to Arhus, Denmark, to pay a visit to a developer colleague, Martin Gr├╝nbaum (I owe him lunch). That may happen before or after I complete the fairing conversion.

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