Monday, April 28, 2008

SPEZI 2008 Tour - Day 5

Day 5 found me cranking away at a leisurely 23 km/h along the decent cycle paths leading out of Oldenburg. The plan was to make a long push towards Duisberg (253 km/157 miles), take a break/nap for a few hours, then head on towards Bonn - roughly another 200 km.

Unfortunately, while heading towards my first rest stop, Cloppenburg (about 30 km), I ran the numbers through my head and quickly realized that I was not going to make it to Germersheim by Friday night, and probably not before Saturday night. I had lost too much time with the roll-over into the canal on Tuesday, and having to spend Wednesday repairing the damage.

Not wanting to miss out on half of the 2-day exhibition, I steered towards Osnabruck, a fairly central train crossroad. I purchased a ticket for myself and the trike, got some help getting the trike up to the train tracks by cargo elevator, and off I went towards Koblenz.

I arrived quite late and stopped at a hotel just across from the station, to take advantage of a warm shower and comfortable bed.

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