Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Track the digitalmouse!

I've installed MGMaps on my mobile phone today. With it, you should be able to see where I am during the SPEZI 2009 tour roughly every 2 hours or so, via http://www.gmap-track.com/user.php?user=digitalmouse.

Where-ever my position is displayed, I should be within 20-25 km (about 12-15 miles) of that point along the route I'm following (see the SPEZI post above, or scroll down this page a bit). My plan is to update my position when I stop for a break every 2 hours. If the position doesn't move for more than 4 hours, then I'm probably sleeping.

No guarantee that this will work, as it will try to report via a wireless internet access point then via the mobile phone's cell network. The later might be expensive, so I've set the auto-reporting at 2 hours (in case I forget to shut the GPS off) to keep the cost down. We'll see how long the pre-paid money lasts. At worst case, I'll update the position manually when I have internet access at a cafe somewhere.

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