Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Trike Adventure begins!

I've had two modestly successful tours in the past month, so it looks like I can really put this idea out publicly and see what happens. For those just tuning into my life, I've started up a recumbent trike-touring venture, offering something no-one else around here (Denmark) has. Sure there are one or two 'cycle touring' outfits in the region, but no recumbent-only ones. My initial tour offers are: a short (3-4 day) Copenhagen-region tour (a few Castles, the Little Mermaid, nice cycle roads in and around the city, a bit of history, and a visit to the Leitra velomobile shop), a week-long castle-tour covering Helsingør (Hamlet's castle) to the north, Frederiksborg Castle (a must see!), Rosenborg Castle (in Copenhagen), and the Royal Palace.

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