Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Next tour coming up!

Starting to prepare for my next tour, from August 3-15.  It's approximately 700 km one way (give-or-take) to Arnhem, Netherlands to meet with some friends for a visit at the world famous Burger's Zoo.  Will be taking the Nomad Wildcat with it's new rear cargo box, courtesy of Carl Georg Rasmussen (builder of the Leitra velomobile series and the new Wildcat fairings).  Time to oil up the chain, tighten all the things that need tightening, rust protect the underside of the trike and decide what exactly I'm going to carry with me.  Below are some shots of the cycle with the new rear cargo box:

Hopefully I should be able to post here while on the road, otherwise updates will happen when-ever I find a stable wifi hotspot.  You should also be able to track my position at  http://www.gpsies.com/liveTracking.do?username=digitalmouse - I'll try to keep that up-to-date on an hourly basis.  I'll be cycling from sun-up until sun-down most days (Central European time CST+1), so if I am not moving for a few hours in the evening, it's probably because I've found a camping spot for the night.

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