Monday, August 3, 2015

Copenhagen->Arnhem 2015, Day 1 part 2

After 140 km I wanted to stop near the ferry so that I could tackle Germany fresh in the morning.  Turns out that there are no campsites near the ferry. 

With the aid of Diana,  I backtracked 6 km to the nearest camping site in Rødby,  and opted for a cabin for this first night.

All settled in,  including a bit of wifi.  Bought some potato salad and pineapple juice for dinner.  Sitting outside enjoying the cool air a bit before I jump into the shower.

Legs a bit wobbly after such an effort (haven't done a tour of this length in at least 5 years),  but seem to be holding up so far. Will be putting on lots of muscle ointment tonight and popping a couple of Advil painkillers to let me sleep peacefully.

Tomorrow: Germany!

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