Saturday, August 23, 2003

day one of Germany-England trip (belated posting)

Sunday, August 10

I depart Oldenburg, Germany heading west on route 401, then south onto route 70. Sun shining, a little wind--blah,blah same old travel conditions stuff. Separate two-lane bike road makes the ride fast without little towns to navigate through.

Route 401

I discover that route 70 becomes "cars-only" about halfway to Meppen, and detour west to Haren, Germany - stayed west of Meppen and headed to the border and Schoonebeek, Netherlands. Halfway through that town and its brick-work bike paths (oww, my butt!) the city had destroyed the road. Luckily I could pedal across the road work to the other side and continue on.

Crossing the border

Made it to Coevorden, Netherlands, and found a cheap campsite for 6 Euros. Had a nice hot shower, and went straight to bed. (not very exciting eh?)

Camping in Coevorden

riding speed average: about 19km/hour (11-12 mph)

roads through the towns were terrible, but roads

between cities were very smooth and fast

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