Saturday, August 23, 2003

day two of Germany-England trip (belated posting)

Monday, August 11

Travelled through Hardenburg, and on to Ommen, where I had a confrontation with a farm tractor (they share the bike roads between farmland) - I ended up yielding to the tractor and getting off the road and into some sand. When trying to get back on the road, I lost my balance and strained to keep the bike upright, unfortunately bending the rear wheel almost in half in the process. I got so angry I was able to bend the wheel with my foot, putting it back in shape enough that I could pedal back to Ommen to a bike shop. Spent 54 Euros on a completely new rear wheel (this included labor cost).

taking a break at a beach in Ommen while waiting for my bike to be repaired...

Discovering that taking the N340 to Zwolle is actually out of my way, I change my route and go south-west from Ommen, heading towards Apeldoorn. Some government idiot decides that half-way to Deventer bikes are no longer permitted, so I take a detour through Lemele, then back to the main road in Raalte to continue on to Deventer. Roads are very smooth on this part of the trip (going through some nice farmland too).

With having about 2-3 hours knocked off my schedule, I ride into Apeldoorn for the night, camping under the stars in the city park (too late to find a campsite).

(pic to posted later)



Apeldoorn **slept under the stars in city park

speed average: 18-20km/h (10-12 mph)

lost 3 hours due to bike repair

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