Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SPEZI 2009 - the journey home: Day 4

Earlier on the trip home, I finally figured out the best 'push-pull' pedaling method that works for the kind of pedals I have (where my feet are strapped in), so I was happy to increase my spinning power, and as a result my average daily speed (17 km/h) along the Rheine, which includes the rare hill-climbs, descents, the periodic stoplight, road construction, and detours. Not too bad, considering the rain kept me bundled up (and not very aerodynamic), and I am loaded down with about 20kg of baggage (clothes, sleeping bag, small camping cooker, and food/water). After one *very* long hill climb above the river, I blasted down the other side, reaching 50.7 km/h. Probably could have gone faster, but I ran out of hill!

The bad side is that the muscles in my lower legs are still trying to pedal, even though I am sitting still in front of the computer! So there is a constant 'background ache' that made me decide to take a train from Düsseldorf to Oldenburg this morning.

Hopefully a full nights rest and a bit of stretching will cure that for the last 500km to Copenhagen. Vlad - my host for this evening - has prepared a soft bed and a yummy bit of Romanian cuisine to give me energy for tomorrow's road attack. 500km to go!

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