Saturday, May 2, 2009

SPEZI 2009 - the journey home: Day 5

And Jimm rested on the 5th day, and proclaimed it good.

Visited several colleagues and friends, did a bit of washing, and went out to where my old Ultimate Frisbee team trains near the University of Oldenburg and found myself actually training and playing for a bit. It was good to get the legs muscles to do something other than spin in circles, although I will surely pay for it in the morning.

Oh, and I'm reminded of how bad Oldenburg cycle roads suck! Come on government! With nearly half the local population -from students to the elderly- cycling everywhere, you could at least get rid of the stupid cobblestone or brick cyclepaths! And, yes I know Oldenburg sits on marshland, but fixing the occasional pothole/sinkhole costs you far less that getting a handful of guys to sit around watching one other guy dig up bricks, repack the sand for 2 days, and put the bricks back.

The cars and trucks don't use cobblestone/brick roadways, and neither should cyclists. The local government should be taking a cue from the regions between the cities, where the cycle roads are quite good and are paved.

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