Saturday, May 2, 2009

SPEZI 2009 - the journey home: Day 6 and 7

After a very early rise, I hustled out through Bremen in the early morning and Hamburg in late afternoon, enjoying some of the better cycle paths in this part of the country (the rest just plain suck, truely). The constant headwind really aggravated me, so I gave in and jumped on the train from Hamburg to the ferry in Puttgarden.

I arrived in Denmark just after 10pm. It had become cold and even more windy than the German side. This constant headwind dropped my average speed to around 15kmh, and started to make the legs ache. That, plus a lack of sleep, had me tough it out until the Vordingborg train station, about 60km from the ferry. I arrived about 3AM, cold and nearly falling asleep, waiting for the 5:08 MetroExpress (which wasn't very 'express-like') to Copenhagen. I stumbled on-board, secured the trike, and fell asleep. I awoke about 20 minutes before arriving in Copenhagen, disembarked, and sleepily pedaled home where a hot shower and warm bed awaited me.

Give me a day or two, and I'll post some pics/videos.

Total distance traveled: 702km out of the 1,200km I had planned to cycle. Were it not for the wind and some bad weather, I would have certainly cycled farther.

Tips for next year's SPEZI tour: cycle north-to-south; bring a little less baggage, but more cash; and pick smoother roads!

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