Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cph-to-Wijk b. D. - Day 1/2/3/4

(oddly, my last two posts never were sent from my mobile phone. so here is a quick summary until i find a real computer to update blog entries)

Day 1, Sunday May 2, 2010 - Played 'chicken' with field mouse blocking the road. I lost. First night with camping hammock in Vordingborg - not bad at all. Woke up to the sounds of horny pigeons in the trees. No wayward nuns encountered. Barked at by 12 startled dogs.
Distance: 100 km.

Day 2, Monday, May 3 - Ride to ferry uneventful and pleasantly flatter than the torturous 140m climbs south of Copenhagen. Survived pigeon dive-bomber attack when exiting ferry in Germany. Peace talks begin. Just missed sleeping old lady wandering through red light intersection. Grannies 1, Jimm 0. One nun seen, but too far away for drive-by horn blast.
Distance: 153 km.

Day 3, Tuesday, May 4 - Stupid #$@! hills wearing down my legs. I must use electric motor for next long tour. I admit defeat in Bremen, Germany, and take the last 50 km by train to Oldenburg for the night. No nun sightings, but 3 Jehovahs witnesses accost me in Bremen main train station. I fend them off with my solar panel battery charger, hoping they will 'see the light' - or atleast stars.
Distance: 123 km.

Day 4, Wednesday, May 5 - Rest day in Oldenburg spent repacking/re-organizing trike, and making some minor adjustments to the ride comfort. Visited various friends/colleagues before retiring for the night. Nuns curiously absent from the city. Next stop: Holland!
Distance: 10 km.

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