Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dutch TOT 2010 - Copenhagen-to-Wijk bij Duurstede Tour

About a month ago I was invited to attend the first Dutch Trike Only Tour (TOT) in Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands, just south of Utrecht. The organizer was interested in adding my Anthrotech to the list of trikes that people can see during the weekend event.

So I skipped this year's SPEZI tour (Copenhagen-to-Germersheim) at the end of April, and focused on final preparations to depart on May 2nd for the Dutch TOT. The event is on May 9th, so I have plenty of time to mosey on down to my previous European home-town of Oldenburg, Germany, visit some friends for a day or so, then take a leisurely 3 day ride to where the TOT will be held. Afterward I will head northward, through part of Amsterdam, then ride along the north coast of Netherlands and Germany back to Denmark.

Here is the outgoing planned route:

~788 km / ~490 miles

And here is the return planned route:

~1,055 km / ~655 miles

Routes are subject to change en-route, of course. Updates will be posted.

During the tour I will try to make a blog entry and post some photos every chance I get in range of a WiFi network or come across an Internet Cafe. You can also track my last known position on the Google Latitude map on the right column. It will be updated at least once a day when I stop to make camp, but probably more often as I check my position via GPS a few times a day.

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